Pinball is one of my most favorite games. I’m analog that way. I’ve always loved it, I always will. I could spend all day playing pinball, given the chance. I even helped restore a Superman pinball game.

There’s no magic. There’s no roleplay. The only screen, if there is one, is your score. There is flash and spectacle and clanging. I like its purity, its physics, its retro-cool…but of course to me it’s not retro, because I grew up with it.

But this post isn’t about pinball. It’s about something different. I’m using the analogy, though, because if you know…

Matt Dunford embraces J. Dianne Dotson at Mysterious Galaxy Books, July 6, 2021. Copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2021

You all know some of it, and some of you know all of it. The first part? Our ongoing collective nightmare, the pandemic that spins its way around the globe a year and a half after it began. The second part? The loss of my father.

Dad’s death continues to, and always will, affect my life. After my initial devastation, I knew I would not reach any kind of peace being on the opposite coast of where he grew up and where my parents raised me: my fatherland. …

J. Dianne Dotson holds her latest book, the final installment of The Questrison Saga: LUMINIFEROUS. Copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2021.

Let me describe to you, if you will indulge me, what it means for me to finish The Questrison Saga® and let the final book, Luminiferous, out into the world June 1.

The main cast of ABC’s LOST Season 2.

Having hashed out my Season 1 rewatch of LOST with the kids, it’s time to discuss season 2, which we just finished. In a show famous for unsolved mysteries, quite a few questions were answered in Season 2. But more questions mushroomed out of the fertile island earth. And when I asked the boys what their one-word summations of Season 2 were, the 14-year-old answered, “Ah,” and the 12-year-old answered “Huh?” So, that’s Season 2 from the mouths of teen and tween. And rather accurately said.

The weirdest and coolest opening to any episode of television EVER is that depicting…

Title Font from the ABC show LOST.
Title Font from the ABC show LOST.
Title Font from the ABC show LOST.

In what seems like a long time ago, unwitting strangers were sent hurtling into a catastrophe that separated them from their families, their comfort zones, and at times, their sanity. Now, I could be talking about the pandemic. But I’m also referring to LOST, the television phenomenon that aired from 2004 to 2010.

During the past month, I dusted off an old manuscript (so to speak; in other words, I searched for it on my computer and stared at it stupidly off and on, deciding what to do with it). I wanted parts of it to feel a certain way…

River of Rubies

The ruby-glittered river I wend along churns and twists, slows and eddies. It carries me North, along the sea…but never to it. I am on the 405, headed to Los Angeles, and my heart pulls me through this slow current. Brake lights become scarlet jewels in this tributary of wishes. I look up and a bit East, and I see the pastel little smear that will resolve into white letters that say “HOLLYWOOD”. And although my dreams would take me there, reality does not. I am lulled along by the promise of something, of someone, whose mark…

Sunset Photo Copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2021

Dismayed and shocked by someone’s comment that writers are all competing with each other, I quickly and vehemently rejected this statement. I know several other writers and creatives have chimed in as well.

As I put it on Twitter (responding to the wonderful Gail Simone), “Where would I be without my writer friends? NOWHERE. They elevated me. I elevate them, though they do not ask for it. The tent under which we create is infinitely large. And from my point of view, inherently inclusive.”

Ultimately the thought that anyone believes we creatives (and this includes writers, artists, musicians, and all…

Rejoice! It’s here! I am delighted to present this year’s Gallant Galactic Geeky Gift Guide, just in time for your holiday gift-giving needs.

Books for Sci-Fi Fans

Shameless plug! I write science fiction & fantasy, and The Questrison Saga® is my space opera series. The final Book Four arrives in late Spring 2021, so catch up on the series by getting the whole set now!

Pound Lake, Wise County, Virginia in November. Photo copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2020.

I gaze out my office/studio window and I can see windows on another house, beyond the back fence. How is that possible? Where once a tumble of vines and an interwoven thicket of trees once hid secrets in their summer-green depths, now I feel I am being watched by the rectangular eyes of someone’s home. I wonder now if they look toward my house, and think the same.

Yellow leaves larger than my hands (which admittedly are quite small) carpet the back yard. Birds bounce among them, looking for treasures. I have seen many a squirrel flicker across that yard…

J. Dianne Dotson

J. Dianne Dotson is a science fiction and fantasy author, science and content writer, and watercolorist. Learn more at @jdiannedotson

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