I Needed That Hug

Matt Dunford embraces J. Dianne Dotson at Mysterious Galaxy Books, July 6, 2021. Copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2021

You all know some of it, and some of you know all of it. The first part? Our ongoing collective nightmare, the pandemic that spins its way around the globe a year and a half after it began. The second part? The loss of my father.

Dad’s death continues to, and always will, affect my life. After my initial devastation, I knew I would not reach any kind of peace being on the opposite coast of where he grew up and where my parents…



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J. Dianne Dotson

J. Dianne Dotson is a science fiction/fantasy/horror author, science writer, and artist. Repped by Laura Bennett. Visit jdiannedotson.com. @jdiannedotson