LOST in the Pandemic, Part 2

The main cast of ABC’s LOST Season 2.

Having hashed out my Season 1 rewatch of LOST with the kids, it’s time to discuss season 2, which we just finished. In a show famous for unsolved mysteries, quite a few questions were answered in Season 2. But more questions mushroomed out of the fertile island earth. And when I asked the boys what their one-word summations of Season 2 were, the 14-year-old answered, “Ah,” and the 12-year-old answered “Huh?” So, that’s Season 2 from the…

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J. Dianne Dotson

J. Dianne Dotson is a science fiction/fantasy/horror author, science writer, and artist. Repped by Laura Bennett. Visit jdiannedotson.com. @jdiannedotson