Summer sunset in East Tennessee, August 2020, Copyright J. Dianne Dotson 2020.

What songs are sung
As dusk’s begun
Heralding eventide
Ere dreams among
The quiet slumbers
For sultry summers
Only in the night.

Some sing “Katydid!”
Did she, now? Yes, she did…
Among gathering dew
As night draws splendid
River air wafting,
Soft oak leaves drafting
Fading August light.

Cicadas’ raucous call
Quiets in the fall
Now blatantly ringing
Their chorus over all
Yet crickets charming
Sing ere dawn’s warming
Somewhere out of sight.

In late summer’s morning
Birds add to the warning
Autumn is drawing near
Bright leaves soon adorning
The summer trees waning
Relinquished, the reigning
Choir of summer’s height.

J. Dianne Dotson is a science fiction and fantasy author, science and content writer, and watercolorist. Learn more at @jdiannedotson